Sylvia Mossu
Peel off a Layer

‘Peel Off A Layer’ is a series of images that are designed to explore the deeper layers of ones self awareness. Conceptually the photographs of the orange to allude to pealing back layers within ones self and others around us, to encourage the shattering of the outer layer of our personas. The purpose of the photographs is to act as visual metaphor.

An orange is a great piece of design, it has an elegant shape and texture. I wanted to accentuate this, by photographing the fruit against a strong bold background to frame the shape of the subject. I wanted to create contrast but also capture energy; the kinetic energy and movement that comes with the action of ripping into an orange.

The grainy quality of the images adds texture and creates the desired aesthetic. This aesthetic relates to the concept of the photographs, as it enables the viewer to break away from commercial high end photography and focus more into the meaning.

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