Project Overview:

NowHere provides a platform to investigate themes of Place and Identity through photography, design, self-publishing, exhibitions and events. We empower participants through a range of talks, workshops and creative challenges, designed to engage learners regardless of prior experience or technical ability. Our inspiring teaching content is produced by creative practitioners working across the disciplines of design, photography and education.

In March 2020, our latest creative project was about to commence in London, where our participants would enjoy a series of talks, gallery visits, and workshops at leading design and photography studios, organised and run by senior lecturers from BA Graphic Design at Falmouth University and industry practitioners.

The rapidly changing circumstances due to coronavirus meant that we had to cancel the trip, and radically rethink our planned delivery of content over the following four weeks of the project. Despite our disappointment at having to drop some stimulating activities, our commitment to delivering a dynamic range of creative learning experiences remained stronger than ever. Lectures, learning content, creative challenges, project briefs, and Q&A sessions were all delivered online to our participants, many of whom had returned to their homes across the UK and Europe.

Those taking part in the project were set a series of creative challenges to complete across a four week period, culminating in each of them producing a final photographic series and publication. They sensitively explored the themes of Place and Identity, during this unsettled and tense period of lockdown and isolation in March and April of 2020.

The work produced by our participants is an extraordinary record of creativity, produced during a time of unprecedented uncertainty. However we may come to view this historic period, in which so much human activity has been disrupted, this project stands as a clear and defiant demonstration that in spite of everything shifting and changing around us, our creativity will not be cancelled.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who supported our project:

Danny North  
Guy Martin  
Rob Smith  
Oli Udy  
Nick Raven
Steve House

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