Maria Caldora
Snap Out of It

These images were taken in the simple space of my bedroom. I played around with lighting, colours, movement and mirrors. I have always wanted to play around with these materials and ideas to see what outcome I could create. I produced these images as part of a series looking at schizophrenia.

There is a stigma around people diagnosed with schizophrenia, which says that they have a split personality, are weird or should belong in a mental asylum. So to tackle this, I took quotes from people that are diagnosed with it and how they feel. Throughout the publication I didn’t use the word schizophrenia once until the very end to try and see if the stigma is the truth. These images to me show the split personality, or how their emotions fluctuate. These images are some of my favourites I have ever taken, I think that they are so pretty, but also show so much emotion and pain.

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