Franziska Lorenz

With the NowHere Photography trip to London cancelled at the last minute, and all the other Erasmus students leaving the country, my friend and I were left in a strange place. Should we stay in England or return home? Since we were already in London we decided to use our time walking around in a strangely quiet and surreal city, struggling with our decision, finding ourselves torn between two countries. I tried to show this feeling of being overwhelmed in the pictures I took. Nothing was clear anymore and we didn‘t know which information we should trust or what to focus on.

After deciding to return to Germany I took pictures of the few people left in the streets of my hometown. With all the stores closed except two, there‘s nothing really left to do in the town centre. The people don‘t engage with their surroundings anymore, they just wander through the pedestrian zone, past the display windows like ghosts. Every photo depicts a closed shop with the blurry silhouettes of the few people passing by but never stopping.

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